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Build your own theatre

By selecting your preferences from our range of package components, you can build the theatre of your dreams.  This page enables you to do just that.  By providing a complete analysis of each and every component, you're able to develop a package that's suited to your needs, aspirations and budget. 



A projector is an output device that takes images generated by a computer or Blu-ray player and reproduces them by projection onto a screen, wall, or another surface. In most cases, the surface projected onto is large, flat, and lightly colored., although a trending preference is to use a dark, light sensitive screen which enables a crisper colour range. 

Projection Screen

A good projection screen provides a smooth, color-neutral surface that helps preserve your projector's brightness and overall image quality. The larger your screen size, the brighter your projector needs to be to produce a satisfying, well-saturated image.

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AV Receiver/Amplifier

An AV (Audio/Video) receiver is an amplifier on steroids. Instead of the usual two channels found on a regular amplifier, a receiver has the ability to output audio into five, seven, 11, or even 13 different channels. It also has the ability to handle video data, usually through an HDMI connection.


Speakers are one of the most common output devices used with computers and AV systems.. Some speakers are designed to work specifically with amplifiers and or computers , while others can be hooked up to any type of sound system. Regardless of their design, the purpose of speakers is to produce audio output that can be heard by the listener.

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Subwoofers are an integral component of any home theater sound system. They provide a richer sound, deliver better bass for music and movies, they can be placed almost anywhere in the room and they take up less space that most people expect.

Source Components

The source of your professional AV or home entertainment system is simply the player, media storage, streaming services via your internet connection or media creation device from which your content originates (whether that be audio, video or both).

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Programmed Controls

An A/V control system is the heart and brain of a collection of communication hardware and software that allows the operator to control each piece in tandem or individually. It is a real multi-tasking tool that functions to streamline the various commands that control the individual technology. Think of it as a sophisticated and innovative device that facilitates collaboration between the different hardware mechanisms, thereby facilitating collaborative efforts among employees and management. 


Simply put, AV cables carry the video and audio signals from one device to another. Most of you must have handled an AV cable while fixing the cable TV box or hooking your game console or DVD to TV. It’s basically a wire is one end having a single jack that goes into your console, DVD, or other display devices. However there is more to this than meets the eye.  Specialised speaker cabling, high end HDMI and  Subwoofer cabling can impact on both sound and vision of your system.

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There are a few extra accessories to consider when putting together a home theater. For one thing, you'll need a projector mount and wall plate terminals,  You even consider theatre seating, lighting controls, and an entire maze of gadgetry to further enhance your theatre at home. 


Every home theatre is not complete without a popcorn maker so AV Australia includes a FREE pop-corn maker with every home theatre package. 

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