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 AV Receivers - Interface .

Receivers often have many interfaces and terminals for connecting everything that users need. Interfaces are divided into audio and video.

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Video transmission interface:

A/V (RCA Composite Video) is an interface for transmitting an analog video signal. The interface consists of three connectors, one of which transmits video, and the other two – audio.

S-Video – the interface provides good signal quality, clearer and more colorful image compared to composite video. Only video transmission is possible, without sound.

SCART – used to connect a TV and other equipment. This interface can support stereo audio, S-Video, RGB.

Component Interface – This connector allows high definition signals up to 1080i.

HDMI is the most popular and versatile modern type of digital connection that simultaneously carries high definition video and multi-channel audio. Today, every modern receiver is equipped with multiple HDMI connectors for connecting multiple devices simultaneously.

Sound interfaces:

RCA – analog stereo audio is connected through this jack.

S / PDIF is an interface through which audio data is transmitted in digital format. This interface can be of two types – coaxial with RCA connectors and optical with TOSLINK connectors (transmits a higher quality signal)

ava icon.png
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