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When it comes to audio, it makes sense to choose your speakers first, because your speaker choice helps determine your receiver choice. 

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Big speakers need big power, little speakers need less power, that sort of thing. Also, more speakers means you'll need more channels on your receiver. And for the most immersive sound possible, you may want to consider adding the latest in home theater technology: Dolby Atmos. (We’ll get into Dolby Atmos in a moment, but we mention it here because a Dolby Atmos system requires a few more speakers.)

Your choice is extensive and diverse and is dependent on the size of room, the room decor and how many speakers you require to 'fill' the room with pure unadulterated sound.

Floor standing, in-ceiling, in-wall, bookshelf, soundbars.

We can assist you with whatever your choice may be and to assist the decision making process we have outlined a descriptive of each speaker type.  Happy reading!

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Square Stage
AAASpeakers Dali Oberon 3 7 Bookshelf.png

• 7-inch Wood fibre cone Low-Loss Woofer

• 29mm Ultra-Light soft dome Tweeter

• 2,400 Hz Crossover frequency

• 87 db Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m)

• 47 - 26,000 Hz Frequency range (+/- 3 dB)

• Cutting-Edge cabinet design, Low-Distortion SMC

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AAASpeakers Dali Callisto 6C Dual.png

• Dual 6.5-inch Wood fibre cone Ultra Low-Loss Woofer

• 29 mm Soft dome & 17 x 45 mm ribbon Hybrid Tweeters

• Burr Brown PCM1796 Onboard DAC

• 250W RMS Max. power output Class D amplifier

• 37 - 30,000 Hz Frequency range; 5K ohm Input impedance

• Full 24 Bit / 96 kHz (No bit-loss attenuated) Wireless inputs

• Hybrid full active 24 bit DSP and passive all analogue Crossover

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AAASpeakers Dali Phantom S-180.png

• 8-inch Wood fibre cone Low-Loss Woofer

• 10-inch Carbon fibre cone passive bass reflex Woofer

• 28 mm soft dome & 17 x 45 mm ribbon Rotatable Hybrid Tweeters

• 2,800 / 15,000 Hz Crossover frequency

• 89.0 db Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m)

• 103 mm (4") depth slim profile MDF enclosure

• 49 - 25,000 Hz Frequency range; 6 ohm Impedance

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AAASpeakers Denon DHT-S516H 2.1 Soundbar System.png
AAASpeakers Polk Audio Signature S35 Slim LCR Speaker.png
AAASpeakers Sonance Reference R1CSUR.png

• Powerful 400 MHz 32-bit floating point DSP engine

• AirPlay2, Bluetooth & HEOS built-in

• Coaxial, Optical digital audio & AUX (3.5mm) inputs

• HDMI in/out with Audio Return Channel (ARC) support

• Use your voice to control music and other soundbar functions

• Supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS decoding surround sound formats

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• Dual Power Port deep bass Technology; 4" Tall slim profile

• Six 3" Dynamic balance Mica reinforced polypropylene Mid-Bass

• One 1" Terylene High-Resolution dome Tweeter

• 20 - 150W Recommended amplification; 8 ohms Impedance

• 53 Hz - 40 kHz Overall frequency response; 88dB Sensitivity

• Strong, rigid and acoustically inert enclosure

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• Two 1" Ceramic dome, ferrofluid-cooled Tweeter

• Two 3" Carbon fiber/Rohacell™ laminated cone Midrange

• Two 5 1/4" Carbon fiber/Rohacell® laminated cones Woofer

• 70Hz - 30kHz ±3dB Frequency response

• Paintable perforated steel grille

• Angled driver design for accurate imaging and clear dialogue

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