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Blu-ray Players

Stunning 1080p image quality and full, robust sound make Blu-ray discs the media choice of cine-maniacs and videophiles everywhere.

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Just like its ancestors, VHS tapes, BetaMax, Laser Discs, and DVDs, the Blu-ray disc requires its own dedicated player. Like any other electronic, there is a list of options and features to

consider when purchasing this forefront technology. With Blu-ray technology dropping from $3000 to under $100 for some brands, it might be time to upgrade your player or even go 4K, contact one of our Blu-ray specialists at:  1300 968 244

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AAASpeakers Dali Oberon 3 7 Bookshelf.png

• 7-inch Wood fibre cone Low-Loss Woofer

• 29mm Ultra-Light soft dome Tweeter

• 2,400 Hz Crossover frequency

• 87 db Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m)

• 47 - 26,000 Hz Frequency range (+/- 3 dB)

• Cutting-Edge cabinet design, Low-Distortion SMC

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AAASpeakers Denon DHT-S516H 2.1 Soundbar System.png

• Powerful 400 MHz 32-bit floating point DSP engine

• AirPlay2, Bluetooth & HEOS built-in

• Coaxial, Optical digital audio & AUX (3.5mm) inputs

• HDMI in/out with Audio Return Channel (ARC) support

• Use your voice to control music and other soundbar functions

• Supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS decoding surround sound formats

AAASpeakers Dali Callisto 6C Dual.png

• Dual 6.5-inch Wood fibre cone Ultra Low-Loss Woofer

• 29 mm Soft dome & 17 x 45 mm ribbon Hybrid Tweeters

• Burr Brown PCM1796 Onboard DAC

• 250W RMS Max. power output Class D amplifier

• 37 - 30,000 Hz Frequency range; 5K ohm Input impedance

• Full 24 Bit / 96 kHz (No bit-loss attenuated) Wireless inputs

• Hybrid full active 24 bit DSP and passive all analogue Crossover

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AAASpeakers Polk Audio Signature S35 Slim LCR Speaker.png

• Dual Power Port deep bass Technology; 4" Tall slim profile

• Six 3" Dynamic balance Mica reinforced polypropylene Mid-Bass

• One 1" Terylene High-Resolution dome Tweeter

• 20 - 150W Recommended amplification; 8 ohms Impedance

• 53 Hz - 40 kHz Overall frequency response; 88dB Sensitivity

• Strong, rigid and acoustically inert enclosure

AAASpeakers Dali Phantom S-180.png

• 8-inch Wood fibre cone Low-Loss Woofer

• 10-inch Carbon fibre cone passive bass reflex Woofer

• 28 mm soft dome & 17 x 45 mm ribbon Rotatable Hybrid Tweeters

• 2,800 / 15,000 Hz Crossover frequency

• 89.0 db Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m)

• 103 mm (4") depth slim profile MDF enclosure

• 49 - 25,000 Hz Frequency range; 6 ohm Impedance

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AAASpeakers Sonance Reference R1CSUR.png

• Two 1" Ceramic dome, ferrofluid-cooled Tweeter

• Two 3" Carbon fiber/Rohacell™ laminated cone Midrange

• Two 5 1/4" Carbon fiber/Rohacell® laminated cones Woofer

• 70Hz - 30kHz ±3dB Frequency response

• Paintable perforated steel grille

• Angled driver design for accurate imaging and clear dialogue

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