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Audio Visual Specialists

AV Australia commenced in 1999 and specialises in audio visual systems design using the latest available product from many of the world’s audio-visual iconic brands.  Our team pride themselves on their extensive understanding of product, product synergy and the industry.  This knowledge has elevated the company to be recognised as specialists in this very diverse field and thus resulting in AV Australia being listed as preferred supplier to government, education, tertiary, professional and health services and of course the ever-broadening home AV market throughout Australia.


Multi-Room AV

To go from one room to the next and have your selection of music being played follow you throughout your home is now a basic inclusion in new home builds.  Of course a multi-room audio system can be retrofitted to any home, office or showroom/s and its not only limited to audio as multi-room visual is also available, will 'future-proof' your investment whilst further enhancing your lifestyle and enjoyment.

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Smarthome & Security

In this day and age, security is one of the most crucially important aspects of any home, office, commercial or retail business.  Cameras, movement sensors, infra-red and laser detectors, multi systems and wifi connectivity can provide piece of mind and act as a deterrent to ensure not only your bricks 'n mortar is protected but more importantly, your family, those you for care and love.

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Design Consultation

Our design services are subject to your preferences, guidelines, and of course budget.  AV Australia design techs have some 1870 theatre designs under their belt, ranging from new & retro fit homes, boardrooms, lecture auditoriums and commercial cinema complexes. We can assist with pre-cabling requirements, projection layout configuration and project management.

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Theatre Seating

Variety is the spice of life and so it is with theatre seating where you're spoilt for choice!  From standard lecture seating to plush leather recliners, lounges and everything in between.  Given the extensive range available, we have made seating optional, thus enabling your preferences to come into play.  Seating is the most visible aspect of any theatre where comfort along with decor are primary considerations.  

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Acoustics with Style

In many instances, theatre acoustics are an oversight, where realistically, acoustics play a vital role in the delivery of audio.  Straight plaster ceilings and walls become an echo chamber with sound bouncing around the room.  Good acoustic design can deliver the sound of a pin drop to every set of ears in the room.  Engineered sound can end up being distorted or brash without having acoustics in play.


Iconic brands, compatibility and ease of use are just 3 criteria used to assemble our Theatre Packages.  Of course, budget, speaker placement and decor impact are also considerations.  The variation of packages on offer offer the majority of 'most likely' favoured combinations, however your preferences are paramount, so if you wish to include your preferred projector, amplifier or any other component, please let us know.

Square Stage

Gold Class - at home.


Why not add fully motorised theatre seating for that extra level of  comfort. Plush leather, velvet or countless choices of fabric, colours and styles, you're spoilt for choice!.

Acoustic paneling to enhance your audio system whilst maintaining the overall ambience of the room.


Create the feeling of being under the stars with our 'Stars by night' cinema ceiling.

Lights, Action Camera.  Be in complete control of every aspect of your theatre, right from the comfort of your seat with our total control wifi based system to any Ipad or smart phone.  .

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Square Stage
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