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.Speakers -  The most basic speaker setup.

It all starts with a pair of speakers: a left and a right, on either side of the TV.

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This is a 2.0 system, or a 2-channel setup; what we all call "stereo". This is the music-listening standard for years. These can be bookshelf speakers, floor-standers, or in-wall and in-ceiling speakers depending on the space available and the level of effort you want to put into the installation.

To be clear: A 2.0 system with two half-decent speakers is still a massive improvement over the speaker that came with your TV. (Today’s extremely thin TVs have extremely thin speakers inside, and thin speakers are tinny and distort easily.) But a 2.0 system is not, technically, home theater. For true home theater sound, you need a minimum of 3 speakers (left, right, and center). For true surround sound, a minimum of five (left, right, center, and two rear.)

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