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.Speakers -  TheSubWoofer, part 2:  goosebumps x 2.

We’re seeing it more and more: home theater lovers going with two or more SubWoofers instead of one. 

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All rooms have an area where the bass drops off rapidly, and a second SubWoofer helps correct this issue. (Some of our store home theaters - and a number of completed home theatres -  include five SubWoofers. If you can fit them in, do it.) 

Obviously, you’ll need the space to fit more subwoofers (and the budget to buy it), but the net result with two or more = a better bass response

and a much bigger sweet spot for optimal surround sound effect. (If you go for extra SubWoofers, feel free to send us a few photos of your room, and our experts we’ll give you their best-case scenario recommendation on where each should go.)

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